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Meet Franz W. Laki SESI Consulting Engineers Newest Principal
July 21, 2022

Franz Lake Headshot

We are proud to announce that Franz W. Laki, PE, is now a Principal of SESI Consulting Engineers. Franz joined SESI in 2015 and took the partnership track moving from Assistant Project Engineer to Project Engineer and now Senior Project Engineer. He brings extensive knowledge of civil engineering, specifically in site design and construction. Franz has been dedicated to his work in the site civil engineering field, from day one. During college, he had a full-time internship all 4 years of school and stayed at the same company a year after graduation. In his previous roles he has nurtured relationships and built connections that have led him to his current leadership role at SESI Consulting Engineers.

Since joining SESI, Franz has seen the Site Civil department as the heard of the company, as they are always in the office and take the opportunity of connecting employees seriously. When asked about his vision for the future of SESI, Franz replied “My goals are to help keep family-style culture, while promoting continued growth. I want people who work for SESI to feel like everyone is a part of the team.” SESI is excited to welcome Franz as a Principal of the firm and look forward his contributions to the growth and development of our Site Civil Engineering department.

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