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Martin Ginsburg Park Yonkers, NY

Geotechnical, Environmental, and Site Civil

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The Martin Ginsburg Park Project is one for the community. This walkway has been made into a small park unto itself, providing a safe and serene access option to the popular Old Croton Trailway State Park. It is a great example of a developer investing in the success, not only of their developments, but also of the local community. Ginsburg was completing the second of its developments in the area when it undertook the process of creating a passage through this steep lot for tenants and local residents to access the park.

SESI provided geotechnical, environmental, and site-civil engineering for the two nearby Ginsburg developments and was familiar with the challenges of the area. This steep property required consideration of rock formations, as well as the changes to water paths as the mature plant life was being replaced. Stormwater management on this site was crucial to ensure safe use year-round. Without proper evaluation and planning, rain and snow events could cause danger to users, increased erosion to the property itself, as well as affect properties downhill.

The stairway offers route options to create varied sensory experiences with choices of stairs, ramps, and gravel paths. Several seating areas welcome users to make a day of it, as they rest in various sections and take in Hudson River views. While building developments are enjoyable to work on and imagine residents enjoying the project, properties like this have a much wider impact to give value to more people and the community as a whole.

This project won the 2023 Metropolitan Builder and Contractors Association Award of Excellence for Best Associate Member Outdoor Space.


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