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Lister Ave 320,000± s.f. warehouse Newark, NJ

Geotechnical and engineering inspection services

A nondescript warehouse exterior and parking lot.

The development consisted of a 320,000± s.f. warehouse with a 15,000± s.f. 2-story office area built on a former paint manufacturing plant site in Newark, New Jersey.

SESI was the Geotechnical Engineer of Record for the site, performing the geotechnical investigation during the planning stages of the project in addition to providing the special inspections during the foundation construction and site development. The Site was blanketed by a layer of miscellaneous fill over the original organic marsh deposits resulting in some challenges for the building foundation support system. The original buildings on the site were supported on timber piles. The new building was constructed using a more cost-effective foundation system consisting of Controlled Modulus Columns (CMCs) that allowed the building to be constructed on spread footings with a slab-on-grade. SESI provided geotechnical engineering services during the design phase and controlled inspections during the CMC installation, compacted fills, foundation construction, utility installation, concrete and steel and placement of asphalt.

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