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iPort 12 Carteret, NJ

Geotechnical and engineering inspection services

An aerial view of a port and distribution and logistics center in Carteret, NJ.

This multi-phased project began in August 2005 and was completed in 2008. The construction of the commercial trade logistics facility consisted of 2 Million square feet of warehouse buildings and other support facilities. The development occurred over a variety of subsurface soil conditions varying from a previous municipal solid waste landfill to formerly utilized waste sludge lagoons from a chemical manufacturer. SESI’s role in this project was to provide the developer with due diligence investigative, geotechnical and construction engineering oversight services.

During the first phase of development, SESI developed the proposed environmental and geotechnical engineering design plans and specifications, and provided the Client with value engineering solutions to optimize efficiency of development. This effort included developing engineering project cost estimates and support to the Titan PDC with regards to receiving financial support from the New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust (NJEIT). SESI also provided engineering support for obtaining the regulatory permits and approvals required to relocate two existing bodies of surface water within the project site wetlands. Also during Phase I construction, SESI inspected the dynamic compaction, landfill capping, and landfill gas collection system.

To support the second phase of development, SESI conducted environmental and geotechnical due diligence investigations of capped, contaminated sludge lagoons within the site. Based on these investigations, SESI provided recommendations for the immobilization of contamination and geotechnical stabilization for the subsurface material. As the project progressed, SESI was also responsible for designing and supervising construction of the mitigation wetlands, foundations, and required structural support. SESI conducted environmental monitoring during construction activities, and verified capping/closure of the sludge impoundments upon project completion.

SESI also designed, permitted, and oversaw the installation of an active landfill gas collection and monitoring system at the site. They system extracts methane and other harmful air pollutants which are oxidized in a flare compound prior to being discharged to the atmosphere. SESI is currently providing long-term operation, maintenance, and monitoring of the landfill gas system and capping system at the site.

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