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210 Clay Avenue Lyndhurst, NJ

This property, which is a five-minute drive to the NJ Turnpike and a 30-minute drive to Port Elizabeth, is an ideal location for a warehouse logistics building. ONYX Equities and Branca Properties began this project together with a vision to create an 85,000-sq-ft building, with 36’+ clear height, associated parking, and roadways.

Prior to the construction of this project, the site was home to a five-story office building. SESI provided the site and geotechnical engineering for the office building when it was built in the 1980s. This provided us with extensive knowledge of the site work and the condition of the underlying soils.

In this redevelopment SESI provided site, geotechnical, and environmental services to take this building from concept through construction. Through our recommendations, the developer saved money by utilizing dynamic compaction and soil surcharge in lieu of a deep foundation system. Furthermore, we were able to identify potential environmental contaminants and plan the construction to mitigate their impacts. The site is located within the flood hazard area of Berry’s Creek, which runs along two of the property’s borders. To mitigate this hazard, SESI’s site civil engineers designed the site to be raised several feet out of the floodplain to keep all trucks, cars, and products dry even during the worst storms. As part of the new development, care was taken to protect Berry’s Creek as it is a natural resource. The previous development had asphalt paving up to the top of the bank of the creek. The new development pulled back the pavement from the top of the bank to provide an additional buffer between the development and the natural resource.

SESI is proud to be a vital part of this site development from the 1980s through today.


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