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iPORT 12 Logistics Facility
Carteret Landfill Redevelopment Project

Construction of this multi-phased project began in August 2006. It involves the construction of a 21st Century logistics center, consisting of almost 1.3 million square feet of buildings. The development occurred over 70-acres of three contiguous, former, municipal solid waste landfills. SESI's role in this project was to provide our Client - Titan-PDC Carteret Urban Renewal, LLC - with the engineering design and construction oversight of the landfill closure system (landfill gas, leachate and capping systems) integral with the site redevelopment plan. SESI also provided Geotechnical Engineering services for this project. SESI is currently involved with iPORT 440 in Perth Amboy, NJ Trump Plaza - New Rochelle, NY:
For the second time in Westchester County, SESI Consulting Engineers joins forces with Cappelli Enterprises and Donald J. Trump in creating a new luxury high-rise development. SESI has been involved with this project since its inception and was responsible for providing geotechnical consultation in support of the design and construction of the Trump Plaza, commercial and residential high-rise building. SESI also conducted site geotechnical investigation, provided foundation design recommendations and was responsible for verifying capacity of rock sub-grade prior to placing foundation concrete. Trump Plaza is part of a $750 million downtown urban redevelopment plan that includes the Lawton Street Redevelopment block known as Le Count Square. The city of New Rochelle has been interested in redeveloping this site for more than 30 years. Trump Plaza is more than 390 feet high and has views of the Long Island Sound. The tower is being built on a two-acre site on Huguenot Street and will be one of the tallest in Westchester County.

The State of Water Resources
Anthony Castillo, P.E. Since the NJDEP's Stormwater Management regulations and the Highlands Act came into effect in 2004, the landscape of site development in New Jersey has been forever altered. At the forefront of every development project, no matter how large or small its scope, state-of-the-art runoff treatment, innovative flood control practices, and the preservation of existing environmental resources have become top priority. Each new project has its share of interested parties questioning potential impact to New Jersey's resources. At SESI, environmentally sensitive issues are addressed at the concept design stage of each project. The project not only includes our clients' vision, but also provides proper water resource management and minimizes potential impacts to environmental resources. We look to communicate with interested stakeholders to understand any and all issues. It is ultimately our goal to create a project that is economically viable to our clients and agreeable to all interested parties. In addition to maintaining excellence in water resources, SESI also inspects and rehabilitates existing dams in New Jersey. SESI is in the process of preparing rehabilitation design reports for a Class I - High Hazard dam and a Class III - Low Hazard dam in Passaic County (Both dams discharge to the Pequanock River), and a Class II - Significant Hazard dam in Morris County (this dam discharges to the Whippany River). SESI acknowledges that dam rehabilitation is a project with many stakeholders, both up and downstream. As we proceed with rehab design plans for these dams, we will continue our client/stakeholder focus to ensure all needs are addressed and met.
For more information contact:

Anthony Castillo, P.E. at (973) 808-9050

&txt6=Project Summary

A local, family-owned appliance store purchased this site in Yonkers, New York with the intention of constructing a larger store for their business. In order to develop the site, the removal of approximately 100,000 cu. yards of rock would be required. Due to site restraints and the position of the proposed building within the site, finished rock slope surfaces would be situated approximately 5 feet from the building and would approach heights of 80 to 85 feet high. As the mass rock excavation operation proceeded, numerous potential instabilities within the rock mass and the soil slope above the rock cut were revealed. These potential instabilities were permanently stabilized using techniques frequently used within the mining industry. Steep soil slopes were stabilized through the use of soil nails and shotcrete, while the rock faces of the mass excavation were stabilized using both static and active rock bolts, selective scaling of the face, applying shotcrete in weathered and undermined rock zones and the installation of protective netting. SESI, P.C. provided all recommendations, construction drawings and inspection services for this project.

&txt7=Project Summary

The project consisted of the construction of 165+ single-family homes with clubhouse and pool on 45 acres. The project site was a previously occupied by a landscaping contractor who had used it a dump for trees, leaves, grass, etc. The project site contained up to 20 feet of miscellaneous debris and fill material that was unsuitable for support of the proposed construction and was required to be removed by the NYSDEC. There was also a proposed road widening for a NY State roadway and required all work to be inspected by the NYSDOT. Our work involved the redesign of the grading and utilities for the entire site. The revised submitted and approved plans lowered the site grades from 2 to 10+ feet from the originally approved plans saving the owner approximately $1 million in imported fill previously needed to reach finished grade. Walls were redesigned to make use of the existing boulders onsite for wall construction. SESI also provided a full range of geotechnical services for the project including a Subsurface Investigation with foundation design recommendations, inspection, documentation and signoff for the removal of unsuitable materials to comply with the NYDEC requirements, inspection of the NYSDOT road widening (for the NYSDOT) including certification to the NYSDOT, inspection of the controlled compacted fill for the entire site, inspection of utility installations including testing of utilities, inspection of retaining walls and slope stabilization measures.

&txt8=Project Summary

A 310,000+ SF shopping center located on Route 36 including anchor stores Home Depot, Staples, Sports Authority, Barnes and Noble, and Petsmart. The project site was an old sanitary landfill with up to 21+ feet of miscellaneous fill and refuse. There were numerous environmental and foundation support concerns regarding the landfill. The Home Depot is built on the dynamically compacted landfill, while some of the other stores are partially on the landfill and partially on the dense natural sands. The shopping center has been open for over 10 years with no signs of differential settlement in the buildings. SESI redesigned the foundation support system from piles and structural floor slab to conventional spread footings and slab-on-grade floor system on the dynamically compacted landfill with a cost savings of approximately $3.2 Million. The underground detention basins were redesigned resulting in a cost savings of $300,000. The parking lot paving was also redesigned to incorporate a soil-cement base that resulted in significant savings to the owner. In addition to the engineering work, SESI provided retaining wall designs and full-time inspection of the dynamic compaction, the placement of compacted fill, footing subgrades, soil-cement installation, paving, and the methane collection system installation.

&txt9=Project Summary

A 1.2 million-square-foot entertainment/retail complex, New Roc City includes: Regal Cinema's IMAX theater, 18 screen movie theater, an NHL size skating arena, New Roc Speedway Indy Go Cart Track, 17 lane extreme bowling facility, Bally's Total Fitness Center, Modell's, Stop N Shop, Fun House Arcade; Applebee's Neighborhood Grill 'n' Bar, Zanaro's Italian Restaurant and the Space Shot Thrill Ride. The project also included the New Roc City Parking Structure. The 2,300-car, seven level structure serves the entire New Roc City entertainment complex as well as New Roc Apartments and the New Roc City Marriott Residence Inn in downtown New Rochelle. SESI Consulting Engineers conducted the subsurface investigation as well as inspection during foundation construction.

For More Information visit: www.newroccity.com

&txt10=SESI Consulting Engineers offers a diversity of civil engineering and land planning services designed to meet the needs both of clients who have one specific planning concern and clients seeking a total, coordinated approach from project inception to project completion.

We at SESI believe that close and continued client contact is integral to successful, expeditious project completion. Our construction-focused use of established and innovative design techniques produces functional, economical and attractive results.

An initial site evaluation defines the advantages and the limitations of a site in terms of the proposed construction. Often this study uncovers potential site-specific problems before they become items of major expense down the road. Normally included in the study are:


SESI's initial evaluation emphasizes those aspects that have the greatest impact on time and cost. Factors having a limited effect on feasibility and cost are studied only after it is reasonably certain the project is a "go".

A good site design includes an intelligent evaluation of existing conditions, a knowledge of construction procedures, and an ability to implement new products, techniques, and technologies.
Each SESI design team includes a Professional Engineer and a Certified Landscape Architect. As a result, SESI's designs are attractive and functional.

Regulatory approvals have become increasingly more complex. SESI provides the specific studies (such as storm drainage or traffic) needed to meet the requirements of individual agencies. And, because time is money,SESI uses its technical expertise and its familiarity with agency policy and procedure to assist in securing timely approvals.

The need for environmental reviews and permits must be assessed and incorporated in early project design stages if positive aspects are to be enhanced and adverse aspects are to be minimized.
When SESI prepares a wetlands or environmental application (or study), it incorporates not only a knowledge of environmental requirements but also experience and expertise in engineering and imaginative, cost-effective design.

SESI professionals recognize the water management requirements necessitated by the increasing population density and land development. SESI offers expert technical assistance in evaluating individual site requirements and in systematically planning both structural and non-structural measures to ensure that these requirements are met.

&txt11=Since its inception in 1976, SESI has provided value engineering redesign for a multitude of construction projects - getting projects back on track and saving clients millions of dollars. SESI's recommendations for foundation design and subsurface work are practical, economical, and sound. SESI believes that state-of-the-art technology and creative thinking can provide innovative, workable solutions both in project planning stages and during construction. Staff members of SESI hold graduate degrees in civil engineering, with specialties encompassing all the facets of earth science. SESI's experience covers a wide range of projects from cofferdams, deep excavations and dewatering systems to pavement failure evaluations and tidal march construction. Over the years, SESI's engineers have successfully applied techniques such as:


At all levels of complexity, from initial planning to troubleshooting construction problems, SESI begins with a thorough review of existing data. If necessary, SESI collects additional subsurface information to fill in the gaps.

Recommendations based on field information and laboratory analyses are thoughtfully developed and are formulated with the specific project in mind. SESI findings are then reported in a format most appropriate for the project. SESI participation often continues through planning project direction, preparing cost estimates, and coordinating the bidding process.

Whether retained by owner, architect, or contractor, SESI has a track record of providing the most technically suitable and economical foundation solutions through:
Often, SESI can suggest changes in procedure or design when a different approach would be more effective.
Some of the greatest cost / time savings experienced by clients has come from their choice to have SESI provide field supervision during construction.
Subsurface conditions are frequently far from uniform. Unexpected conditions can generate unexpected construction problems. In some cases, the nature of the changed condition permits quick, in-the-field solutions but in other cases, additional study and design modifications are necessary. Although no one wants a problem, discovering and dealing with unexpected problems early in the project always minimizes time delays and cost increases.

Even when conditions are exactly as anticipated, engineered quality control of methods and materials is essential to obtaining a first-rate finished product.

*steel and timber piles, pre-cast and cast-in-place concrete piles, caissons, drilled piers, pressure-injected footings, dynamic compaction.